BlueLive provide most powerful Bluetooth proximity broadcasting Software

That allows you to send your data to all Bluetooth® equipped mobile phones within a Your Bluetooth Dongle range, all you need is  BlueLive and Bluetooth dongle and a PC

BlueLive will help you to Attract new clients - Grab the attention of consumers who pass your premises.

Our other product (BlueSearch , BlueServer) well help you to

  • search for any Bluetooth device in range
  • Send file to any detected Device
  • Work as Bluetooth file server to receive files from any Bluetooth device

Perfect for: Retail outlets , Restaurants  , Hypermarkets , Trade Shows
Vehicle Showrooms , Train Stations , Airport Lounges , Poster Sites
Digital Billboards , Hotels , Tourist Zones , Museums , In traffic (Mobile units) , Field Marketing , And many, many more places

Check BlueLive v 3.0 Features ?

How To make Bluetooth content?