BlueRent V3.0

proximity marketing software that allows you to send your data to all Bluetooth® equipped mobile phones within a Your Bluetooth Dongles range, all you need is BlueRent and Bluetooth dongle and a PC

BlueRent will help you to Attract new clients - Grab the attention of consumers who pass your premises.
Perfect for:
Retail outlets , Restaurants , Hypermarkets ,Trade Shows
Vehicle Showrooms ,Train Stations , Airport Lounges
Poster Sites ,Digital Billboards ,Hotels ,Tourist Zones
Museums ,In traffic (Mobile units) , Field Marketing
And many, many more places


BlueRent is newer special version of  BlueLive but with lowest price ,in this version you well Send us the files you would like your customers (users) to receive (This can be any 3 files in the form of a jpeg, gif, java, video, text or any other file supported by mobile phones) after that we well send to you special setup package included your files ,you well have all BlueLive features but you cant change or add any new files

How you can Get BlueRent

Step 1:
Purchase BlueRent at this link (you well pay only 34 $)

Step 2:
Send us the file you would like your customers (users) to receive. This can be any file in the form of a jpeg, gif, java, video, text or any other file supported by mobile phones.
Remember this is a one time campaign. Once the license has been generated with your files, you cannot make changes or adjustments for your files.
send these files as attached files to this email

Step 3:
download BlueRent service package from Here, and install it ,you well do that just one time on your PC

Step 4:
We well send Message to your email included download link to your BlueRent with your campaign files
install it ,connect your Bluetooth dongle and start your BlueRent from any PC

Download Demo to see how its work


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