Bluetooth Content

What may be sent via Bluetooth?
Some most popular examples:

Wallpapers, pictures
Ringbells, MP3s
Short videos (movie trailers, presentations)
Text documents, PDFs
business cards (VCF)
Calendar entries (events, meetings)
Interactive presentations (shop maps, hot deals information)
Off-line web pages
Links to web sites
Mobile Applications
Mobile Games

How To create Content

To create the content for the BlueLive like Business card Or Appointments, these can be done easily in the software from (Vcard or Vcalendar) screen

But to create actual animations like video, images, animated gif, audio you well need more little work.

You can create this yourself or use a design studio application to create this content for your self

We well provide you with the information you need to create this content


-VCARD , the vcard file is a virtual business card you can create using BlueLive or Microsoft outlook . These vcards can contain a photo , a website address , email etc . Nearly all Bluetooth phones will accept this type of file

-Text (.txt / .rtf)

Simply save a file containing text as a WordPad or simple text document with a .txt or .rft suffix. The cell phone will then display this as a basic SMS on screen to the recipient. There is no limit to the characters you can send. This is more suited to information messages as advertising can be conveyed in much more exciting ways.

-Still Image (.jpg / .gif) - 176x144 pixels

Still images can be sent to the phones, as will display as a graphic on screen. The size of the images must be 176x144 pixels.

This is the widest accepted file and will display easily on all phones.

-Animated GIF - 176x144 pixels

The majority of phones will display an animated GIF file (.gif). For an animation, this is the safest to use for widest compatibility or playback.

-FlashLite file (.swf) - 176x144 pixels

The majority of phones will display an animated GIF file (.gif) but only a few phones support the Flash Lite (.swf) file format at this stage. It would be safest to convert your Flash file to a .3gp file for wider playback.

Flash Lite is a Flash designed for mobile phones

-Audio (.midi / .3gp / .wav / .mp3)

For audio playback on phones. There is no universal standard on file playback, but .wav is most widely accepted. Many new phones can play back .mp3 file.

-Video (.mp4 / .3gp / .wmf / .mov) - 176x144 pixels

Video playback is best as .3gp file. Its better for Video to be produced at 176x144 size. We advise to keep the file sizes low for quick transmission. Files can contain audio and video.

Bluetooth Advertising File Sizes .


Bluetooth advertising is dramatically different than advertising via the web or other mediums. BlueLive deliver content to cell phones and mobile devices that have some of the least memory and slowest processors of any computerized device . When bluetooth broadcasting advertisements we recommend using the smallest file size possible for several reasons . We can only assume that you are trying to reach as many phones as possible with your bluetooth advertising campaign and many phones you are targeting will have slow processors and low memory overhead , this produces two problems for the bluetooth advertiser. The first is that the slow phone will download the file slowly which will tie up one bluetooth channel for an extended period , which prevents your BlueLive from using that channel to approach another phone , effectively reducing the number of phones you will contact . The second problem is the slow phone may crash on a large file and that leaves the consumer with a very bad impression which could lead to negative advertising


Recommended file sizes for Bluetooth Advertising


Its better to use file sizes under 10k , we know that its absolutely small file but the benefit is that any phone can handle a file this size and it can be delivered extremely fast so your bluetooth advertising system can move on to the next phone , effectively increasing the number of phones you can contact !

So how do you make files that small ? We recommend using photoshop and a gif animator software from Ulead . When you create the file (animated gif) we suggest using a maximum of 3 colors and use a maximum of 10 frames . This will get your message across and will viewable by nearly every bluetooth enabled phone .

Download Image and Background to Help you in your Content Design


Download animation gif Collection